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Who we are:

As well as the professional and focused face-to-face training we deliver, we also provide additional resources and assistance via our online course area.  This means that clients can access additional training materials and support between each trainer-led session. This methodology allows our clients to fit elements of their English language training into their busy professional lives.


We tailor our training to the needs of each client, thus fuelling their route to English language success.


Regardless of your industry, we will help you improve your English to enhance your professional career.

Fuel-English specialises in providing bespoke business English language training for business executives of the highest level.  We offer all clients a highly personalised and results-driven service designed to fulfil and fuel their business English needs.


Language training services include:


• business communication skills

• bespoke programmes

• pronunciation skills

• needs analysis

• cultural awareness

• business & social etiquette

• report writing

• exam preparation


To find out more about the services we provide or to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact us for a free consultation.

What we do:

"You have always been so well prepared and your lesson plans are well thought-out to fit my needs. You are a real professional and know how to teach Business English in an enjoyable way.

Again thank you for all your efforts."


Assistant Vice President, HR Advisor, Group Finance

Deutsche Bank, UK

What the professionals say:

"Camille is a specialist in Business English with excellent teaching experience and personality.”



Rabobank International, UK

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